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The most common questions have been answered by the avancee team, if you do not find your query, you can contact us through live chat or contact us on other channels available on the Contact Us page

Is avancee the right law firm for me?

Choosing a law firm to represent you before the courts is one of the most important decisions you can make.we understand that choosing the right company and lawyers to represent you can make a huge difference in the case. avancee is a law firm with a number of specialized lawyers with legal experience exceeding twenty years. We are able to devote the right resources and time to managing your case, so yes; we are sure that avancee is the right law firm for you.

What types of cases does your law firm handle?
At avancee, we deal with claims at all levels of litigation, they include the areas declared on our official page. They can be viewed by visiting the following link: our services
What are the services of avancee law firm?
We specialize in commercial contracts, corporate, intellectual property, and due diligence cases, and we work on administrative and criminal cases. for more details, please visit the following Link: Legal Services
What is the most convenient way for me to meet with avancee Are you in the presence of your lawyer at the place of my residence or office Am I visiting avancee i's corporate headquarters?'
Customers preferably come to our company so that they can get acquainted with the employees who will work hard on their issues. However, when you are unable to come to our office, we can schedule an appointment and time to meet you at a more convenient place for you, or via the meeting in a visual form. This can be arranged by contacting us by visiting the following link: contact us
What are the official opening times of avancee company?
Please feel free to call us or email us after business hours. We are committed to returning calls, emails to our clients and potential clients within 24 hours or less. To find out our working hours, please visit our Contact page
How much will the attorney's fees or other legal services fees cost me?

Determining the amount of fees depends on the type of case or service chosen by you, and our fees are determined according to the following criteria: the type of case, its jurisdiction, and the amount of effort that will be made in it, and you can also request to study a claim by visiting the following link: legal consultation

What should I do when I have a question?

You can contact us or write to us via the Contact Us page or through the live chat to ask any questions regarding your case or any other issue. We are committed to answering all calls and emails within 24 hours according to our announced Times.

What is expected of me as a client of your company?

We want you to trust that we are here to help you through the difficult times that arise when facing a lawsuit. We expect you to come to us with any questions or concerns you may have. And we want you to be honest and responsive with us so that we can better prepare you for any possible situations.

How will I stay informed about my case?

We know that your schedule is busy, and you prefer to stay up to date with the Proceedings of the case. We will keep you informed of any important updates by phone or by sending you monthly official reports. We assure you that avancee company is here to support you and remove stress from you.

What can I expect if my case is settled?

There are several factors to consider when reaching the settlement amount. The majority of our clients are satisfied with the settlement amount that we received on their behalf.

Will I have to go to court/government agencies?

Our clients will not necessarily have to visit the court or any other authorities, avancee employees will follow up all procedures and field visits for you according to the scope of the issuing legitimate agency, while ensuring the completion of your transactions as soon as possible.

I have a person with special needs who cannot speak or communicate, so how can you issue an agency from him?

If he knows how to read and write, then he is assigned to the notary, and if he is not fluent in that, then the Personal Status Court has jurisdiction, based on Paragraph (5) of Article (33) of the Shariah pleadings law.